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Headyco is committed to bringing you the best selection and highest quality top shelf indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis flowers in Massachusetts.


Each drop comes from a small batch, hand watered table and packaged 1/8th will be limited to select retail dispensaries

Current Menu:  Banana Punch 2.0, Platinum GSC, Unicorn Poop, Tropicana Cookies, Mimosa 


Our cultivar pipeline is designed to keep our products relevant and fresh

  • Future harvest will include new strains weekly/monthly

  • Future Cultivars being hunted:  Runtz Crosses, Ice Cream Cake Crosses, Unicorn Crosses, Mass Super Diesel and many others Cup winning and local Mass strains.  Other projects and crosses will remain confidential for now as breeding projects and pheno hunts are in the works

  • These drops will be small, unique to the Massachusetts market and limited in the future

Contact your local dispensary for allocations..


Even the packaging is Dope....


For anything: Employment, Retail Dispensary Allocations, New Strain Drops, Just want to chat, etc. 

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